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Words can inspire, and words can destroy.  Choose yours well.  ~ Robin Sharma




Should You Partner with a Recruitment Agency to Build Your Brand?



As a business you’ve likely pondered this dilemma a number of times. You are looking to bring the best of the best talent onto your team; you post your role and wait for the resumes to come through, but you realize you are not getting the candidates you want. You don’t have the time to head hunt the role directly and the idea of engaging an agency to hire for you leaves you seeing only dollar signs…. $$$$$

Well, when thinking about bringing on an agency there is another factor that you should consider - building your brand!  When you partner with an agency, you are not just paying a fee for hiring a candidate on to your team, you’re paying for a brand ambassador.  


Attracting the right talent:

A good recruitment agency (and they’re not all created equal) should know the market and know how to source from companies with a similar tech stack and vertical, combined with employing the calibre of people you want. As partners, they will be chasing passive talent pools that would never be looking at job boards or postings. Many times when speaking with candidates recruiters will hear “I have never heard of that company before”. This correlates directly to the recruiter telling the candidate more information about your company, explaining what your product is and why they want a part of your team.   


Social Recruiting:
Confused about what tools candidates are looking at? Curious about where and how your brand compares? Having an up to date recruitment partner will ensure you are trending!  They’ll educate you on what hashtags are pulling candidates to the postings, if your Glassdoor is threatening your reputation or if your social media is attractive, current and effective.


Pushing your culture out to the market:
As your strategic partner, the agency will share real, compelling and hopefully impressive data about you to potential talent and will even direct them to your Website. This will mean more candidates are looking at your core values, mission, vision and your latest content. This is where you rely on your outsourced recruitment partner to push your content, share that virtual office link or the list of amazing perks that make your company, the sought after company to work for.  This is the information that goes viral.


Branding can set you apart from the competition and ultimately land you that dream candidate you have been searching for. Curious to know where your brand fits in compared to your competition? Now is a perfect time to reach out to your local recruiter here at itec group to ask them more about what we can do for you.


Meredith Wilson, Account Manager

itec group Inc.




The Courtesy of Follow-Ups


In this day and age of technology, we are inundated with a barrage of messages of people selling one thing or another. It's easy to dismiss a deliberate mass email pitching a job opportunity if there is no sign of a personalized touch demonstrating the recruiter has done any homework on your professional background.

Things change so quickly within the professional world and at one moment you may find yourself totally content in your role and the next find yourself blind-sided by an organizational restructure. It is in everyone's best interest to maintain some form of dialogue and to be receptive to keeping your options open.

This is a two-way street between recruiters and candidates, don't let your busy schedule stop you from a courteous follow-up as simple as "not interested, thanks for your time".


Craig Allan, Lead Technical Recruiter

itec group Inc.



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