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The idea of the skills gap has been around for a long time. Much like our business world, the skills gap itself is evolving. The missing puzzle piece in many of today's jobs is knowledge of technological advancements that will become increasingly important to business success. So how do you close the skills gap in your company? Let's take a closer look.




It's always more complicated to replace employees than to keep the team you have. If you upskill, you show your team that you're willing to invest in their future. What skills are you missing, and who on your roster has the interest and ability to learn them? Offer upskilling for things that will benefit you as well as your employees.


Generation Z


Companies that embrace every generation are better at disseminating knowledge and up-to-date skills. Younger employees, especially in up-and-coming Generation Z, will bring new skills. These are things that your team can benefit from. At the same time, your younger employees will learn the company culture and professional etiquette from your older employees.


Retired Workers


Throughout 2020, many older workers who were looking forward to retirement decided to stick around a little longer. That's led to more people retiring this year and in the foreseeable future. But boomers are not a generation that likes to sit around. Reengaging them by offering part-time or flexible roles can help you maintain their knowledge base and pass it on to incoming team members.


Recruiting Partner


You don't have to do your hiring alone. Recruiters can help you uncover new talent who will bring additional skills. They can work with you to determine the best fit and will spend less time sourcing and screening candidates than it would take you. They'll tap into a much broader applicant pool and provide you with qualified candidates.


If you're struggling to close your business's skills gap on your own, let the itec team help!


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