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5 Negotiation Mistakes to AVOID


Congratulations! You've just been offered a job. But now what? Before you accept the offer, have you thought about negotiating? For anyone who wants to negotiate the salary or other benefits provided by a job offer, there are some mistakes to avoid. Here are the most common negotiation mistakes and how to avoid them.


Not Researching Enough


To be in a position of power during these negotiations means you need to research the potential salary of your job. Start by using sites like and Glassdoor to give you an idea of what this position pays in your location. That will allow you to have a place to start with the negotiations.


Not Negotiating Other Benefits


People often think that negotiations start and end with the salary. But don't forget that you could get additional benefits when they cannot give you more money. For example, if they can't reach the salary you prefer, talk to them about getting extra time off or a flexible schedule.


Issuing an Ultimatum


Almost all humans bristle at the idea of an ultimatum. When you let a company know that there is no additional room for discussion, you are much more likely to be rejected and replaced by someone willing to be more flexible. Don't negotiate in the style of an ultimatum but allow room for more discussions.


Not Getting the Final Offer in Writing


Before officially saying yes to any job offer, ask for it in writing. If a company doesn't provide the information in writing, they can move the goalpost without letting you know. Most companies operate under integrity, but you want to ensure that no one can do a bait and switch on your career.


Not Negotiating at All


Many job seekers also make the mistake of not negotiating at all. They accept the first salary and benefits package offered by the employer. When you do that, you potentially miss out on the opportunity to make more money. While you may conclude that their offer is fair, at least provide your evidence regarding your research and make a case for getting more.


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