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Do you want a promotion? Are you trying to get the attention of your management team? How do you get your excellent work noticed on the job? You can attract the proper attention in the workplace and set yourself up for success in several ways. Here are five ways to get your good work noticed and get closer to leveling up.  


Do Good Work 


It may go without saying, but the first step in getting noticed for your good work is to do good work. This means you need to be impactful with your work, be collaborative when working with your team, be accountable for your actions including mistakes, and be intentional with your efforts and productivity.  


Keep Track of Positive Feedback  


It's also a good idea to keep track of your positive feedback. When you do good work, you should receive praise and gratitude. If you're not, there's another problem at play, and it may be worth exploring. Consider keeping a file where you save positive feedback; this way, you can refer back when looking for a promotion. 



Note Your Big Accomplishments 


You should also keep track of your accomplishments. This is good practice for anyone, but it also helps you know what to discuss when requesting a promotion. By keeping track of your successes, you won't have to struggle to think of things when the time comes. It also provides you with an easy way to update your resume if you ever need to.  


Focus on Professional Development 


Employers want to work with people who take the initiative and are willing to see where they may have a skill deficit. Work with your mentor and manager to create plans for professional development. Learn new things in your own time. Focus on skills that will help advance your career and help your company meet its business goals.  


Meet and Review Your Progress  


You should be asking for regular feedback from your boss. When you have made progress and feel ready to discuss the next steps, ask your manager for a meeting. Talk to them about the positive feedback you've been given and your accomplishments. Prepare beforehand and make your case for why you deserve a promotion.  


If you're ready for a new job, start your search with us! 

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