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Are you currently hiring for engineering talent? It can be challenging in today's economy, especially if you lack the technical skills involved in the role. It can be done with a bit of advice and help. Here are a few effective interview techniques for evaluating engineering talent.


Ask a Senior Engineer to Join You


Inviting a Senior Engineer to join the hiring process can be invaluable in ensuring the right candidate is selected. Their technical insight and deep understanding of the role's requirements can help formulate precise interview questions, assess candidates' technical skills, and evaluate their problem-solving abilities effectively. Additionally, involving a Senior Engineer can enhance the overall credibility of the hiring process, reassuring potential hires that the team values technical excellence and thorough evaluation. Collaborating with a Senior Engineer is a strategic move that ensures the team's technical needs are met and that the chosen candidate is well-equipped to excel in the role.


Poll Your Engineering Team


You can effectively poll your current engineering team to ensure you're hiring the right addition to your engineering team when lacking personal technical knowledge. Organize a meeting or create a survey to gather input from team members on the specific technical skills and attributes they believe are essential for the new hire. Encouraging open and honest communication will allow team members to share their insights on the qualities they value most in a potential colleague. This collaborative approach ensures that the team's needs and expectations are considered, helping us make a well-informed decision that aligns with our existing engineering expertise and culture.


Create a Mini Practice Test


Create a mini practice test for engineering applicants to identify critical skills and competencies required for the role, such as problem-solving, technical knowledge, and critical thinking. Then, develop a set of questions or problems that assess these skills, ensuring they are both relevant and challenging. Include a mix of multiple-choice questions, practical exercises, and scenario-based concerns. Consider setting a time limit to mimic real conditions and gauge time management skills. Finally, provide clear instructions and feedback to help applicants understand their performance and areas for improvement. This mini-practice test will be a valuable tool to assess candidates' abilities and make more informed hiring decisions in engineering.


Work with a Recruitment Specialist


Partnering with a staffing agency can be a strategic move for a hiring manager lacking engineering experience when seeking top engineering talent. Agencies specialize in identifying and recruiting candidates with the right technical skills and cultural fit. They have access to a broader pool of engineering professionals, extensive networks, and industry-specific expertise, which can save time and resources during the hiring process. Staffing agencies can conduct preliminary screenings and assessments, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are presented to the hiring manager, thus increasing the likelihood of making successful engineering hires.


Are you searching for talented Ontario-based engineers? Let us help you hire top engineering talent!

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