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Are you curious about a career as a manufacturing professional? Join us as we outline the journey from classroom education to the factory floor. These valuable insights into the educational and training pathways available can help you take the first steps toward becoming a skilled manufacturing professional in Ontario's thriving industry.


Education and Training


Pursue relevant education from a recognized institution or university, such as a diploma or degree in engineering, manufacturing, or a related field. Consider enrolling in specialized programs or certifications related to manufacturing processes and technologies, which vocational schools and community colleges in Ontario offer.


Hands-on Experience


Seek internships, co-op programs, or entry-level positions in manufacturing companies to gain practical experience. Participate in hands-on projects and gain exposure to different aspects of the manufacturing process, such as production, quality control, and supply chain management.


Continuous Learning and Skill Development


Stay updated with the latest advancements in manufacturing technologies and methodologies. Consider further education, workshops, or certifications to enhance your skills in areas like automation, robotics, computer-aided design, and lean manufacturing principles.


Networking and Industry Involvement


Attend industry events, seminars, and workshops to network with professionals and potential employers in the manufacturing sector. Join professional organizations related to manufacturing, such as the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, to stay connected with industry trends and opportunities.


Job Search and Career Advancement


Utilize online job portals, company websites, and networking contacts to search for job openings in manufacturing companies across Ontario. Be proactive in seeking career advancement opportunities within your current workplace, demonstrating leadership skills and a proactive attitude toward problem-solving and process improvement.


When you're ready to search for your first manufacturing role, start your search with us.

itec group offers access to competitive manufacturing positions all over Ontario. 

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