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Employee layoffs can be difficult, so they must be handled effectively and respectfully. Everything from planning to messaging to providing a severance package should be considered carefully before letting anyone go. If your business is considering layoffs, consider these tips to ensure things go smoothly.


Include HR in All Decisions


Never do layoffs without the complete buy-in of your company. Always include HR in your decisions of who to let go. You want to ensure that you remain compliant and handle everything within the requirements of the law and your company's policies. HR can give you additional tools to make the process go smoothly.


Hold Exit interviews


Your departing employees are a great source of information. When they leave, you can talk to them about their experience, which can help you in the future. You must acquire as much knowledge about their projects and create a transition process as early as possible after layoffs are announced.


Discuss Layoffs Privately in Person


There is indeed a proper way to conduct layoffs. You want to talk to each person getting laid off in person. Of course, a video conference would also work in today's workplace, where remote work is standard. You also want to have these conversations in private so you can respect the feelings of each employee and treat them with compassion.


Provide References


Whenever laying off employees, be sure they know that they can rely on you to be a reference. They will be looking for new jobs as soon as possible, and references are often the most challenging hurdle. When they can rely on you to provide that information to potential employers, it will significantly relieve their stress about the situation.


Reach Out to Your Network


However, you can be a connector. Offer to reach out to your network to introduce employees to other people with opportunities. You never know how you can help someone, and if you can introduce your good but outgoing employees to someone else in the industry, take advantage of that.


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