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Feedback is a necessary part of any job. But often, employees don't feel empowered to provide feedback to their managers. It can be tricky, but it's an integral part of productive communication and necessary for everyone's growth in the workplace. Here are a few ways you can give your management team better feedback and get results.


Gather Examples


Whenever you make a case with your manager, you should always have evidence available. Examples that can help get your point across will be better than simply telling them what you want to change. For instance, if there is a need to make a process more efficient, provide examples of how the current process is causing projects to take more time.


Reach Out


Next, reach out directly to your boss and ask for a time to meet one-on-one. This allows you both to prepare for the conversation. Don't forget to let them know what the discussion will be about, so they're not blindsided. You don't have to give details until the discussion, but let them know your reason. "Can we meet this afternoon? I need to talk to you about the department's project."


Be Respectful


Always be respectful of your boss's position and time. You respect them as professionals and expect them to do the same for you. Don't make the discussion personal or accusatory in any way. Present your feedback professionally and ensure to communicate that you're looking for their assistance in creating a solution.


Focus on the Future


There are certainly reasons why this situation has come up, but focusing on the past can be less productive than looking toward the future. Make it clear that you're providing this feedback because you want to improve the situation for the future, not just rehash information from the past.


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