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It's believed that job seekers must submit at least ten resumes a week to land an interview or even a job offer. It can be frustrating to continuously send resumes into a deep black hole and not hear back or get hired. But rejection is a part of the experience, no matter how frustrating. Here are our tips for dealing with rejection and staying positive.


It's Not Personal


The most important thing you can know about your job search is that rejection is not personal. When companies receive several resumes for only one opening, the majority of the top candidates won't get that offer. You may have everything they need, but someone else may have something that tips the scales in their favor. It's not you, so keep working at it.


You're Not Alone


Knowing this, you also know that many good candidates are not given job offers at every opportunity. You can talk to others experiencing the same feelings of rejection to know you're not alone. Consider talking to a mentor who may have had a similar experience as they were looking for their first job.


Review Your Materials


It doesn't hurt to take some time and review your application materials to ensure everything looks great. Look over your resume and proofread for typos or other mistakes. Review your cover letter and see if there are different ways you can sell your skills to potential employers.


Work with a Recruiter


You don't have to do this alone. Working with a recruiter can help you find a job faster. Recruiters are trained professionals at finding jobs for qualified employees. They want to place you because that's how they succeed. They have opportunities with employers looking for top talent, so working with them can give you a better chance of landing a job.


If you're still struggling to find a position that's right for you, start your search with itec group!

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