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It's not uncommon for productivity to dip in the summer months. Your team is daydreaming of anywhere but work. But your productivity rates must stay high. Here are some fun incentives that can improve morale and increase energy in your company this summer.


Offer Flexible Hours


If your environment can handle more flexible hours, offer this as a benefit in the summertime. You can allow your team to adjust their start and end times based on their personal needs, such as the commute or children's schedules. You can also tap into your employees' most productive hours. For example, if someone is a morning person, they may start early and get things done before closing time so they can end their day when their brain begins to wander.


Organize Sports Events


Teambuilding can be a great opportunity in the summer. Consider organizing a sports event or team for your employees. Casual games like softball or kickball are popular among employees and provide an outlet for their energy in the summer. It can be a fun way for your workplace to get involved in the summer and have fun.


Offer Free Lunch


When you can, offer your team free lunches, which can be motivating when they start to feel the lunchtime slump. Provide options for people with all dietary needs to encourage everyone to participate.


Plan an End of Summer Party


Another fun way to get everyone excited about the workplace in the summer is to plan an end-of-summer party. As the season begins to wrap up, plan an event for employees and their families before your employee's children start back to school. There are countless options, including a barbeque at a local outdoor spot, a fun day at an amusement park, or a casual dinner at a great venue in your town.


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