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Is your company suffering from unnecessary turnover? For the last two years, many businesses have faced The Great Resignation, and it's critical to find out why employees are leaving your organization and stop the flow of the turnover tsunami. Attrition happens for many reasons, including terrible employee experiences and a lack of good leadership. Here are things you and your leadership team can do to retain top talent.


Hire Additional Help


Much of the reason for high turnover is burnout. If your employees feel they have no more left to give because too much is on their plate, they will quit. You can prevent this by hiring more help rather than expecting your employees to shoulder additional work. This can be in the form of temporary employees handling extra work or a new team member distributing the workload better.


Lead By Example


Another concern among employees is that they don't feel safe taking time off or making requests because it will make them look weak. If they don't see management doing the same things, they will think there will be retribution if they do it. You must lead by example and encourage your team to take time off or set boundaries.


Employee Feedback


Giving and getting feedback should also be a priority for your team. Make sure that when you're providing feedback, it isn't always critical or negative. Offer praise or gratitude whenever possible. And encourage your team to give input on management and take action to improve the environment.


Culture of Employment


This boils down to creating a culture where your team is excited to work. Focusing on the employee experience, providing flexibility and opportunity, and ways for your team to get involved. This is partly your reputation, which will help you find new employees in the future as well.


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