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While we all continue to live in an uncertain business climate, we have to consider the possibility that layoffs can happen. The tech sector has already seen mass layoffs this year, which could also trickle down to other industries. It's essential to be prepared for potential layoffs before they happen. Here are some tips that can help.


Build an Emergency Fund


An excellent first step is to bulk up your emergency funds. Save extra money from your paychecks this year to have a little cushion in case something happens. It doesn't have to be a lot each week. Whatever you save will be additional money in your pocket if you are a part of company-wide layoffs.


Update Your Resume


Even before you get the news that you've been laid off, updating your resume is not a bad idea. A resume should be considered a living document, and if you update it regularly, you don't have to struggle to remember data or accomplishments to share.


Talk To Your References


You can also message your references to ensure you have them on board before beginning a job search. You want to wait to talk to your current manager, but you can email people you've worked with and let them know you may be beginning a job search again soon.


Expand Your Network


When you're concerned about layoffs, it's also an excellent time to expand your network. Work on your LinkedIn profile and connect with others in your industry. Talk to people about what's happening in your current company and that you will be looking for something if anything changes.


Work With a Recruitment Agency


You can also apply with a recruiting company to find your next opportunity. Even if you apply today, you don't have to accept any positions or even interviews until you get the news from your company that you're being laid off. It doesn't hurt to get your information in as soon as possible so the recruiter knows who you are.


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