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Unfortunately for most of us, the days of months-long summer vacations ended when we left school. As we near the middle of the summer, many of us begin struggling with the long days and lack of motivation. If you're working full-time and feeling the pull of the summertime fun, here are some ways to stay on track.


Consider Flex Hours


If you have the ability for flexible schedules, consider asking for flexible summer hours. For example, you can request to come in later if you need to adjust schedules around child care or other personal responsibilities. Or you can leave later to avoid rush hour traffic. You can also consider a four-day workweek during the summertime if your employer allows it.


Use PTO for Extended Holidays


Another way to maximize your time during the summer is to use your PTO days with a holiday. There are several public holidays in the summertime, and you can request your time off on the days before or after so you can have additional time off in the summer without using all of your paid time off.


Schedule Fun Things


Another way to beat the summertime blues is to plan fun things around your work schedule. Plan a day out with friends once a week. Have a cookout with your family after you get home from work. Go on short weekend trips. Your day-to-day can be easier when you have something to look forward to.


Join a Summer Sports League


A lot of companies off summer sports leagues for employees. It might be softball or baseball, kickball, or pickleball. If you like to be active in the summer, consider joining one of these leagues. It's a great way to build rapport with your team and have something fun to look forward to outside the office.


Take Time to Recharge


All work and no play isn't good for anyone. During the summer, make sure you take time to recharge. Spend some of your weekend relaxing or doing something you find soothing. Pay attention to self-care beyond spa days or curling up with a good book. Time away from work is intended to help you recharge your energy.


If you think a new job may be the thing you need to pull yourself out of that mid-summer slump, start your search with itec group!


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