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If you've worked with engineers, you know they aren't always the most receptive to constructive criticism. Many focus on linear thinking, which can be perceived as a challenge when something disrupts that thought process. Managing engineers isn't always easy, but it is critical to success. Here are some of our best tips and tricks to help improve your feedback and how you can work together optimally.


Tactful and Private Feedback


No one likes to be called out in front of their peers, even if it might be justified. Tact will be essential to providing feedback. Management should always talk with employees privately about performance or behavior issues. And always have action items your engineer can take on to improve.


Consider All Employee Input


Your engineers are intelligent and thoughtful people, but they may not be comfortable sharing ideas if they don't think anything will happen. Make sure you provide an avenue for sharing feedback and, more importantly, a way for management to act on them in service to the team.


Take a Poll


If you're concerned that your employees aren't willing to provide candid feedback, or any feedback at all, consider a poll. A survey can help you get to the root of problems but allow your employees to provide anonymous feedback without fear of retribution. Once you gather the data, you can see the primary concerns and take action.


Improve Communication Overall


Management's responsibility is to ensure that communication is effective across your departments. Improving communication skills on your end, including composing emails or sending texts when necessary, will help everyone perform better. You can also provide communication training to your team to improve the experience for everyone.


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