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Employee turnover can be costly and disruptive for any organization, especially in Ontario's competitive job market. As decision-makers, it's crucial for employers and hiring managers to recognize the subtle signs that indicate an employee may be preparing to leave the company. By identifying these signs early on, you can proactively address potential turnover and retain valuable talent within your organization. Our latest blog examines the four key indicators that suggest an employee is about to exit and provides actionable strategies for retaining top talent.


Changes in Behavior


One of the first signs an employee may contemplate leaving is a noticeable shift in their behavior. This could manifest as increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, or a lack of enthusiasm for their work. Pay attention to sudden changes in attitude, work habits, or colleague interactions. These changes may indicate underlying dissatisfaction or disengagement that could lead to voluntary departure if left unaddressed.


Proactive Strategy: Schedule a one-on-one meeting with the employee to discuss any concerns or issues they may be experiencing. Approach the conversation with empathy and a genuine desire to understand their perspective. Encourage open communication and actively listen to their feedback to identify potential sources of dissatisfaction. By addressing their concerns proactively, you can demonstrate your commitment to their well-being and potentially mitigate their intention to leave.




Disengagement is a significant red flag that an employee may be mentally checking out of their role and considering other opportunities. Signs of disengagement may include a lack of participation in team meetings, decreased initiative or motivation, and a decline in the quality of work output. Disengaged employees are more likely to seek new opportunities elsewhere, as they may feel undervalued or unfulfilled in their current roles.


Proactive Strategy: Take proactive steps to re-engage disengaged employees by providing opportunities for professional development, recognition, and career advancement. Schedule regular check-ins to discuss their career goals and aspirations and explore ways to align their interests with the organization's objectives. Committing to their growth and development can reignite their passion for their work.


Decreased Loyalty


Employees considering leaving may exhibit decreased loyalty to the organization, such as expressing indifference towards company values or goals or distancing themselves from company culture and initiatives. They may also become more secretive about their long-term plans or exhibit signs of job-hunting behavior, such as updating their resume or LinkedIn profile.


Proactive Strategy: Foster a culture of transparency and open communication within the organization to encourage employees to express their concerns and aspirations openly. Conduct stay interviews to understand what motivates employees to stay and identify any potential retention risks. Offer opportunities for feedback and input on organizational decisions to demonstrate their voices are valued and heard. By addressing any underlying issues eroding loyalty, you can strengthen employee retention and loyalty to the company.


Increased Networking Activity


Pay attention to any signs of increased networking activity or involvement in professional communities outside the organization. Employees actively networking and seeking connections within their industry may be exploring potential job opportunities or gauging their market value.


Proactive Strategy: Engage with employees about their career aspirations and interests and explore opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization. Encourage employees to participate in networking events and industry conferences to expand their professional network and stay informed about industry trends and opportunities. By supporting their professional development and connecting them with relevant resources and opportunities, you can demonstrate your investment in their long-term success and potentially deter them from seeking opportunities elsewhere.


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