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As we head into the colder months, many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder or SAD. People who work from home can be impacted even more. In this post, we'll dive into the definition of SAD along with signs and symptoms and how it affects your wellness. We'll also share ideas of how to manage it, especially if working remotely.


What is SAD?


Seasonal affective disorder is a form of depression that is directly related to the changing of the seasons. It typically starts and ends at the same time each year and lasts through the winter. It impacts energy levels and can make people feel moody. Some people brush it off as the winter blues, but cases of SAD can be much more severe than that.


How to Manage SAD


You don't have to tough SAD out on your own. It's recommended that you talk to a professional about your symptoms and what to do about them. But there are a few things that can help you try to stabilize your mood during the winter.


Get Fresh Air


The shorter days impact the feelings of SAD, but you can counter them a little by taking advantage of the daytime and going outdoors. Even for just a few minutes each day, fresh air and sunlight can give your mood a boost. At home, take a break midday to go for a walk around the block before returning to your computer.


Set Boundaries


One of the most important things you can do when working from home is set boundaries. And this is especially true if you're experiencing the symptoms of SAD. Make sure you're setting clear boundaries around your start and end time each day. While it can be challenging to say no to events and activities in the winter months, it's okay to curate what you do so you aren't exhausted.


Engage in Social Activities


However, social activities can help you feel better when you're dealing with the symptoms of SAD. Winter holidays are a way for us to stay active, engaged, and grateful when the weather is cold. Pick a few social activities to commit to and let yourself enjoy them.


If you believe a change of pace could help, consider starting a job search with us.


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