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Are you dealing with high internal turnover? There are a lot of reasons you might see attrition among your employees. However, evaluating your company culture to determine if it could be the cause is always a worthwhile activity. When you dive deeply into your culture, here are five red flags you should keep in mind.


Overworked and Overwhelmed Employees


When you conduct an exit interview, do your employees indicate that they feel overwhelmed by their workload? If your employees are doing the work of multiple people, it's time to change how work is distributed. To alleviate this, consider hiring additional staff to take the workload off your employees.




Another major issue with many companies is the existence of micromanagement. When your management team is so involved in day-to-day operations, employees feel frustrated that they have no autonomy to do their work. You've hired your employees because they are qualified professionals, so avoid micromanaging.


Poor Work/Life Balance


When your employees feel like they take work home with them, even on a psychological level, your organization's work/life balance is off. Give your employees ample PTO and options for flexible schedules or work-from-home arrangements. This can add value and provide a better balance between work and life.


No Clear Path to Advancement


Employees don't like to feel stuck. If they can't advance in your company, they will likely seek that advancement elsewhere. Provide your employees a way to grow their careers with continued learning and development and options to use new skills within your organization.


No Diversity Representation in Leadership


Another big concern for employees today is diversity within the company. This doesn't just mean hiring diverse employees but also practicing equity and inclusion by giving diverse employees access to leadership positions. Representation matters at all levels, including within the company's management and c-suite positions.


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