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Everyone feels that pull of summer fun when working a full-time job. You want to be anywhere but the office when the warm weather starts to kick in. Summers are not the same as when we were kids, and now as an adult, responsibilities shift. But you can still make the best of the summer while you're working. Here are our best tips for enjoying your summer.


Consider Flexible Hours


If your employer is amenable, plan for flexible hours in the summer. This can give you some flexibility to beat the traffic to work and leave earlier, so you still have plenty of time each afternoon to do whatever you want. Flexible hours can also allow you to come in late and stay late if an activity requires your attendance.


Take Your PTO Days


American workers often have trouble taking days off. We are given paid time off as a benefit of our job, but we feel like it's a personal failure to take them. You've earned those days; take your PTO. Schedule individual days off occasionally throughout the summer to have some time for yourself and your family.


Make Plans After Work


It can also be helpful to make plans after work, so you have something to look forward to. Especially in the summer, when the days are longer, you will have plenty of sunlight for after-work activities. Plan to spend time with friends, go out to dinner with the kids, or hang out in your yard while the sun is out.


Go Outside at Lunchtime


You can take advantage of the summer sun during the day too. Don't feel like you need to stay in the office or at your desk for lunch. Take a walk outside. Bring your lunch with you to a local park to eat it when you need a break from the office. This extra dose of sunshine can be enough to get you through the afternoon.


Organize an Office Sports Team


Sometimes, a social activity with your coworkers will help with the summertime blues. Now is the perfect time to organize an outdoor activity with your team. You can play whatever sport matches your skill levels and interest, such as softball or kickball, but make sure that sport can be played outside.


And lastly, if you're ready to look for a new job that may offer you more flexibility this summer, browse our open opportunities today!



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