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Experts say it is more expensive to hire new employees than to retain your current staff. This is why employee retention is at the top of mind for businesses and individuals all across Canada right now. People want to work, but they also want to feel appreciated and safe in the current climate. Here are a few things you can do to keep your employees safe, satisfied, and on the job.


Understand Employee Learning Styles


Learning that many people quit before the end of their first 90 days on the job tells us a lot about the employee experience. One of the reasons is that people don't feel as though they're retaining information from training. That means the onus is on an employer to provide avenues to learning that incorporate all learning styles. This can include visual, audio, and demonstrations.


Refresh Safety Training Regularly


Safety training is never a one-and-done experience. Safety should be regularly reinforced throughout an employee's time with your organization. Begin with a safety orientation at the time of hire. Then offer regular, mandatory safety training to help reinforce behavior and train on any new policies or procedures as they're implemented.


Incorporate Safety into Your Company Culture


It's also important that safety be a part of your overall company culture. It can't just be something that you hear about once in training but never discuss again. It should be regularly reinforced through your corporate culture, mission, values statements, and employer branding.


Work with Safety Experts


You don't have to do it alone. Working with safety experts can help you develop a program that will work for all of your employees. Safety should always be something that includes all-hands-on-deck from your management team to contract talent.


Resources for workplace safety across Canada can be found here:


OHS Canada Magazine
Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine
Workplace Safety North

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