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Have you thought about a career in quality control? There are many things to consider when looking into a new career path. What is quality control? What qualifications do you need for success? And how can you get started? Here are a few things you should know if you believe a quality control position is right for you.


What Is Quality Control?


Quality control is a significant part of manufacturing. As products are assembled or fabricated, it's essential to ensure that each piece meets the expected standards. Someone who works in any aspect of quality control will maintain these standards and ensure that products are compliant and correct when used.


What is a Day in the Life of Quality Control?


Several job titles fall under quality control. You may work as an analyst, associate, technician, or specialist, but all QC positions handle many of the same tasks. You will inspect and test products or parts and keep accurate records of the results. You will log all defects you discover. You'll also be responsible for maintaining any equipment for these processes.


What Skills Do You Need for Quality Control?


Along with any specific technical skills you might need for the industry for which you apply, you will also need to bring several soft skills to the table. You'll need good teamwork skills, fantastic attention to detail, good communication skills, excellent writing skills, and the ability to prioritize and manage your time.


How Do You Find a Quality Control Position?


Do you think a quality control position is right for you? If you have the background and skills to become a quality control technician, the first step is to apply with an agency specializing in manufacturing or similar industries like itec group


If you think you're ready to pursue a QC career, browse the open roles at itec group! 

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