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The pandemic changed the fundamental way we work. Recently, many companies have been considering how they could make remote work and hybrid work more effective. This has led to the concept of "hoteling." What does this mean, and is it right for your business? Here are some things to consider.  


Overhead Costs for Work Spaces  


Hoteling your office allows you to downsize both space and money. You won't need a dedicated desk for every employee as people come in and out of the office at different times. You can create a more open approach, like a coworking space model. Desks or offices are available on a first-come basis. Reducing the size of your workspace means you can eliminate many of its overhead costs.  


Encourage Networking and Social Engagements 


One of the things employees say they miss most about the office is the ability to network and socialize. It was a big part of our culture before, and work-from-home became more isolating. But hoteling means different people will be in the office at various times, which avoids the insular cliques that could make environments toxic. Your employees will create professional relationships with those around them, not just the people they work with most often.  


Plan for Busy Days 


There are potential cons to hoteling. Increased demand on busy work days will be the biggest challenge. For the most part, your flexible spaces won't need specific allocation, but on days when everyone comes in, such as busy days or company celebrations, you'll want to have someone in charge of ensuring everyone has a place to work.  


Make the Return Easier  


Office reintegration may be difficult for some of your employees. While many may have missed an office's social interaction, others found work-from-home more productive and may bristle at the thought of giving that up. With a hybrid approach, you can give everyone what they want. Hotelling means when a few people come into the office, you won't have entire departments still sitting empty, and the people working may feel more comfortable than if they were working in a ghost town.  


Competition for Office Resources 


There is also the concern about competition for resources. When hoteling, you need to make sure that everyone has access to the resources they need when they need them. Your new office will be a single-business coworking space rather than house dedicated departments and offices. Every employee on the premise needs access to management and the tools to do an adequate job. They shouldn't have to jump through hoops to access what should be available to everyone.  


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