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Social media is not a fad. We live in a world where everything worth mentioning ends up online one way or another. And once something's online, there's no going back. But what does that mean for your employees and creating social media policies? If you've been thinking of developing guidelines to help your team and represent your company well, here are the top tips to get you started.  


Create and Enforce Official Accounts 


Your business should have official social media pages on all the major platforms. Keeping these owned by your company prevents someone from creating an account that unfairly targets your business. Maintain ownership, make branding consistent, and have someone within your organization responsible for posting and commenting on these pages.  


Request Transparency  


Your team is online; that's just a fact of business today. What's important is that you create a culture of trust. What you can ask your team is that if they include their place of employment on their social media, they make sure people know the opinions posted on their social media are personal and not representative of your organization.  


Ensure Privacy  


While you need to trust your employees to use sound professional judgment online, you can create policies around what they can and can't share. It's vital to let everyone know confidential client or company information not be shared online. This needs to be a formal policy; if it's violated, there are professional consequences.  


Train on Cyber Safety 


It's also critical that your team is safe online. There are constant threats to safety on the internet, and many of them can look very legitimate. Offer regular training to reinforce safety guidelines. These include:  


  • Creating strong passwords 
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • Limiting personal information online 
  • Using secure internet connections 
  • Spotting and avoiding phishing 
  • Not clicking on suspicious links or downloading unknown files 


Be Tough on Harassment 


Cyberbullying isn't just something teenagers do. Harassment online is all too common, and you must have a no-tolerance culture in your workplace. There is no room for hate speech or other forms of harassment. You should also provide resources for your employees if they experience harassment online.  


Follow Legal Guidelines 


There can also be a lot of legal traps online that people get caught in unwittingly. Always remind your employees to respect intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, and other laws regarding content and creations. Make sure they know if they don't have explicit permission or licensing to post something, they need to avoid it.  



Let the staffing experts at itec group weigh in.   

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