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Are you having trouble filling your open career opportunities? Various factors, including the fallout of COVID-19 and The Great Resignation, lead to more open positions than qualified candidates. But that doesn't mean you can't attract great talent to your doorstep with the right incentives. Now is the time to consider a sign-on incentive to inspire and attract candidates to apply for your open roles. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Sign On Bonus


Many companies are embracing sign-on bonuses for new hires in any position, not just new hires in executive roles. The idea is to incentivize accepting a job during a challenging hiring season. Talent may consider leaving current positions for new opportunities when the offer includes a generous bonus.


Tuition Repayment


For many people, the cost of their student loans can be crippling. Companies can help the process by offering tuition repayment programs that help employees pay down their debt faster. This will become increasingly important as student loan forbearance is made necessary as the pandemic ends.


Expanded PTO Options


Time off has always been a selling point for employees. And as everyone refocuses on their work/life balance in the wake of COVID-19, a solid PTO plan is increasingly more critical. Expanded PTO programs will give employees more career satisfaction and the ability to return to work refreshed after being away from the office.


Flexible Scheduling


Another critical perk for employees today is the ability to create more flexible schedules. Working different hours or from home is helping many employees accept and stay in jobs. Flexible schedules can assist with commute and child drop-off issues that often arise for employees juggling work and personal lives.


Access to Training and Development


Another significant incentive to encourage talent to accept your job is access to training and development. One of the main reasons employees leave jobs is because they feel like they've topped out and cannot advance or learn any more in their careers with an organization. Provide pathways for continued learning and advancement.


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