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Do you work to live or live to work? You've probably heard people say these phrases to you, but what do they mean? You might cross the line from career fulfillment to career burnout if you live to work. On the other hand, if you work to live, you may miss out on true career satisfaction. So how do you strike a balance in your career? Here are some ideas to think about.




Disengagement from the meaning of work leads to the assumption that work is only for the paycheck. Yes, we need money to thrive in our economy, but humans aren't motivated by money alone. Meaning is just as essential, and when we remove any purpose beyond the monetary value from any action we take, we tend to go through the motions.


Overload and Burnout


But pushing ourselves at work can also lead to negative consequences. Maybe we do love our jobs, but when we make our careers our only priority, we are likely to suffer from overload and, eventually, complete burnout.


The Drive for Perfectionism


Some people are driven by the need to be perfect. That means pushing career goals to the limit. And while striving to be the best at something is a worthwhile goal, sometimes it happens at the cost of everything else. Perfection can sometimes be a mask for other concerns and feelings.


Finding a Balance


There is a happy medium between working to live and living to work. Finding that sweet spot where you can earn the money you need to maintain your lifestyle without working so hard that you find yourself in a state of burnout. Seeking an employer who values work/life balance and recognizes employees as complete people with lives both in and out of the office.


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