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What is a CQE & Why Should I Become One?

Have you thought about starting a career as a certified quality engineer? The role means you understand service and product quality evaluation and control. A professional is referred to as a CQE, and it requires that you take and pass the Quality Engineering Certification. What are the reasons you should become certified, and how can it help you advance your career? Let’s take a closer look.


Development and Operations of QC Systems


CQEs should know how to develop quality control systems at all levels and understand the daily operations. Getting certified as a CQE lets potential employers know that you’ve mastered this information and will be able to bring it to the table for their company.


Testing and Inspection Procedure Evaluation


A significant portion of quality control is testing and inspection. Knowing the procedure and being able to direct others to perform these tests will be essential to a successful career as a CQE. With the certification, you can demonstrate that you know these evaluation tools and can be recognized as an expert.


Metrology and Statistical Method


Metrology is the science of measurement. It is defined by the International Bureau of Weights, founded in France, and measures and embraces both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level and any field. CQEs need to demonstrate an understanding as well as the statistical method for calculating related information.


Quality Cost Concepts


CQEs also need to understand quality cost concepts. These are the costs associated with the prevention, detection, and remediation of quality issues in manufacturing. The specific calculations of costs will depend on several factors, so an expert must ensure companies are not hemorrhaging money.


Human Behavior


Finally, CQEs will actually know quite a bit about human behavior and how it affects product quality. It’s a little bit of psychology that allows professionals to understand the human factor in mistakes and give teams the tools they need to succeed. The certification will let potential employers know you have this skill.


Do you think a career as a Certified Quality Engineer is your next step?


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