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It might be cold and blustery outside, but there is also a raging storm in the employment market. Does your current candidate pool have you feeling less than hopeful? Do you keep getting unqualified candidates for your open job postings? You could be making several hiring mistakes, and now is the time to course-correct them before an avalanche comes. Here are potential mistakes and how to improve going forward.  

Not Being Where Talent Is 


One key issue with finding new talent is not being present where candidates already are. Many companies have embraced social recruiting by using social media platforms to find the talent already on those sites. You should always be looking to expand your reach into underrepresented communities in your workforce.  

Not Building Your Employer Brand 


Your employer brand is made up, in part, of the candidate experience and your reputation as an employer. Social media is also the best place to reinforce the idea that you are an employer of choice and demonstrate through employee reviews and engagement.  

Not Being Clear in the Job Description  


When job descriptions are vague or give the impression that you're obscuring information, talent won't apply. It's time to be transparent in your description. Use it to describe the job, how it fits into the company, and what the candidate can expect from their experience working with you, including salary and benefits.  

Letting Your Unconscious Bias Make Decisions For You  


We all have unconscious biases. The key is learning to look past them and evaluate every candidate fairly. Your unconscious bias can lead to you hiring only people with the same educational background or who have a similar experience that you had coming into the industry. But this can limit the quality of people you hire and cause you to overlook incredible talent.  

If you're ready to hire top talent in 2023, let the team at itec group kick off the year right.  

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