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Why you are Struggling to Recruit Engineers

Recruiting top engineering talent isn’t easy. Especially today, in the wake of The Great Resignation affecting employers all across Canada, it’s a competitive talent pool for high-paying positions and essential roles. Why is it so hard to find engineers in this employment climate? Here are a few of the reasons the challenge will continue in 2022.


Competitive Market for Engineering Talent


It’s not surprising to learn that engineers are in demand. Often, they are the quintessential passive job candidate. They don’t need to look for their next opportunity because recruiters seek them out. To find top talent in engineering, you have to think strategically. Reactionary hiring, which means starting the process when you have a vacant spot, might be too late to hire top talent.


Too Big a Focus on Salary


While having the right salary package is essential, it shouldn’t be the sole focus of your engineering hiring plan. Engineers make a specific salary range across Canada, so making that the keystone of your strategy won’t be the deciding factor. Instead, take a closer look at the other things that set your business apart and emphasize those. You can also be sure to point out specific additional benefits.


Job Descriptions are Too Specific


One big trap employers fall into is getting far too specific about the qualifications needed for the job. Engineers are highly trained and qualified employees, but listing out very specific experience, including certifications and years of experience, may mean losing out on high-quality talent. By dialing back your expectations, you can tap into the right talent pool for your job.


The Great Resignation 


Affecting employers worldwide, The Great Resignation is leading to a shortage of professional-level employees who have decided now is the right time to make a significant life change. The Great Resignation is being led by tech and healthcare workers, but it’s impacting all kinds of positions, including engineering. Focusing on retention can be the first step to avoiding an exodus.


Work With itec


It’s also true that companies who don’t work with recruitment agencies are also at a disadvantage in the marketplace. As we noted above, many engineers never even enter the active job market. Having a recruiter on your side can help you tap into the hidden talent pool without relying on job advertising to find your next engineer.


If you can’t find top engineering talent, get in touch with us today.


Contact itec group Recruitment Solutions. Our Talent is Finding Yours.

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