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Have you just graduated from college? Congratulations, that's a significant accomplishment! But now you have to face the reality of starting your career search. How do you even begin? Some tricks and tips can help you get off to a good start.


Let's take a closer look at the next steps.


Create or Update Online Portfolios


Now is the time to develop your application information. A resume will always be required, so showcase what you've learned and apply your knowledge to a career. Write a cover letter template that you can customize to send with each application. And you may want to create a portfolio website and LinkedIn account to illustrate your online presence.


Expand Your Network


Networking is one of the most critical parts of the job search. You can tap into your alumni community and reach out to others in your industry. Join industry associations and attend events. Talk to your family and their extended networks. The more people you can meet and tell about your career interests, the better your chance of landing a great opportunity.


Talk to a Mentor


You can also establish a mentor relationship to help you learn about the professionalism you don't learn in school. A mentor is someone in your industry who has been where you are and worked their way into the job they have now. They can give you tips and pointers and be a sounding board when you have questions or concerns.


Work With a Recruiter


Another excellent resource for you as a recent college graduate is working with a recruiter. Recruiters are employment professionals with extensive networks in various industries who work to match qualified candidates with open positions. Apply with a recruitment agency to get your foot in the door and find a great entry-level opportunity to kick-start your career.


For help finding your post-grad dream job, let itec group lend you a hand!


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