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Introducing itec group's Core Values

We know that core values are an essential part of organizational culture. At itec group, we respect our extended team and clients and want to live by our values every day. We have six core values that allow us to create a company where people enjoy coming to work. We want to introduce our core values to you so that you may better understand us, our culture, and what you can expect.  


Mutual Accountability and Trust 


We are experts at what we do and want to work with experts in other fields. We build that mutual accountability and trust by being transparent, respectful, and dedicated. When you work with itec, you'll find that you can trust our representatives, and we will always be accountable for our actions.  

Quality over Quantity  


We will always value quality over quantity. Many people can promise a lot for a little, but can they promise consistent, effective results? We will always strive to provide the best quality service for our clients. We challenge convention and reject mediocrity.  

No Bullshit 


Pardon our language, but we'll never give you half-truths and misrepresentations. We always do what we say. Our team is what we make it because we love what we do and pass that on to you without much pomp and circumstance.  

Obsession with Consistency and Following Up 


Innovation, collaboration, and best practices are always at the top of our minds. We believe that being proactive and consistent follow-up is the best way to ensure this. We are what we repeatedly do, and consistency builds positive habits that are passed on to the businesses that work with us. 

Work Hard; We Work Smart 


We set ambitious goals and work hard to reach them even if you don't see them behind the scenes. Significant results require big ambitions. We are game-changers, and we are proud of the work we produce and the company that we represent.  
Hopefully, this blog will inspire you to work through your own core values.    

Contact itec group today to learn more.  

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The holiday season means time off, and many of us have upcoming PTO scheduled as winter gets closer. While many look forward to spending time away, it can also increase our anxiety levels. You may be worried about the work waiting for you when you return or how people will feel about you being gone. Here are four on-the-job tips and tricks to make your time off as restful as possible.


Prioritize Tasks


In the weeks leading up to your PTO, prioritize your tasks. Look at what you need to accomplish and then make a list based on what needs to be completed before your time off and what can wait. When you prioritize like this rather than work in a reactionary way, you can accomplish much more.


Make a To-Do List


Next, make your to-do list for when you return. Even as you prioritize your work ahead of your PTO, something might fall through the cracks if you skip this step. By making a list, you will see it first thing when you return, which will jog your memory. It can also help your team as they know what you have already accomplished and what you will handle when you return.


Make People Aware


It's customary to set an Out of Office reply for the time you're gone. But what if you let people know ahead of your scheduled time off that you'll be OOO? If you let your clients and coworkers know in advance, you can avoid some last-minute requests that can take all the joy out of your PTO.


Plan PTO Early


It's also helpful to plan your PTO as early as possible. For example, if you know in the summertime that you want to take Thanksgiving week off to travel, don't wait to put in the request. This ensures that you will get the time off you've requested unless there's a good business reason or seniority. You may miss out and have it rejected when you wait until just before.


Looking for a new role? Start your search with itec group!

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Finding the right candidate for your open position isn't always easy. You advertise, receive dozens if not hundreds of emails, and still find that the talent isn't meeting your expectations. It might be your application process. Are your job descriptions scaring away potential applicants? Here are some dos and don'ts for job description best practices.


List the Necessary Skills and Experience


When reading a resume, it usually takes a few seconds to form an opinion. You scan the resume looking for the most critical information. The same is true with job seekers and your job description. They want to be able to review it and see what's most important. If they do, they'll read through the whole thing to learn how to apply. Make sure you're providing the most necessary skills and experience first.


Don't Weigh "Nice to Have" so Heavily


Many companies also rely on the "nice to have" items for the job description. But rather than seeming aspirational, you're driving more qualified talent away from applying. When you include these items as a part of the skills and experience needed, they look less optional for an applicant. You may be narrowing your focus and excluding people from applying.


Include Salary and Benefits


It used to be that salary was never included in a job posting, but times are changing. Knowing the salary range before applying is increasingly critical, and job seekers are now actively avoiding companies that aren't transparent about their pay. Include a realistic salary range without any hidden agenda and describe your company's benefits.


Show How Success is Measured


Job seekers don't just want to know the laundry list of duties on the job; they also want to know how their success will be measured. For a job description, this is the equivalent of applicants including accomplishments on their resumes. You want to see how they were effective, and they want to see how they can be effective.


Keep it Short and Simple


Using the resume analogy again, ensure you keep the job description short and simple. Sure, you want to include as much information as necessary to get the message across, but don't overcomplicate it. If your description is too long, even the most qualified candidates will avoid reading to the end and may choose not to apply.


Make Your Application Process Easy


As a part of this process, your application process must be accessible. A recent SHRM report shows that 92% of all job seekers abandon online applications. When online applications require candidates to jump through too many hoops, they will decide the company isn't worth working with. For example, if they have to upload a resume and then type in identical information, they're more likely to quit than complete it.


If you're still struggling to find the employees you need, get in touch with itec group!

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As we head into the holiday season, it's easy to let yourself abandon a few things for the rest of the year. You may think that companies aren't hiring and it's not worth your time to apply. As many job seekers step back and wait for the New Year's start, now is a great time to send in your applications. Here are the reasons why you should not stall your job search this season.


Employers are Still Hiring


Contrary to popular belief, employers are still making hiring decisions in December. Companies still experience turnover, need extra help, and have open positions at this time of year. By waiting until the first of the year, you may miss out on opportunities that employers need to fill right away.


Less Competition


Similarly, because many people believe the holidays are slow for hiring, you'll be noticed if you apply. There is far less competition for jobs in December than at other times of the year. Of course, you still have to qualify for the role and have the necessary experience and background. Send a great cover letter and a customized resume, and you'll draw attention.


Flexible Start Dates


The great thing about landing a job in December is having a flexible start date. While employers are still hiring during the holiday season, there will be more flexibility for a start date and more holiday time off. You can let your new employer know when you're available to start, and they'll likely be more accommodating as they work with their holiday schedule.


You're Ready to Go in the New Year


The biggest and best advantage of searching for and finding a job in December is that you're ready to go in the New Year. If you wait to search for a job in January, it can take weeks or even months to get started. You now have a head start and an additional month of income than if you waited.


Start your search today with itec group!

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We live in a remote work era, and keeping your employees safe online is more important than ever. Without the protection of your in-office network, there are concerns about data security to and from your employees' workstations. If you're managing a remote team, consider these tips to ensure your cyber security is up to the task.


Educate Your Team on Phishing Scams


Phishing scams have become much more insidious in recent years. As much as we want our email filters to catch them, some still get through, and they look legitimate. Some are even using text messages to make it seem more urgent. Everyone needs to understand what to look for and what to avoid. Common phishing scams include:


· An alert about suspicious activity or login attempts on an account

· A problem with your payment

· A Conformation of personal or financial information

· An invoice you weren't expecting

· A Coupon for free products


Providing in-depth training on phishing scams is always a good idea, but also let employees know if they see a link or attachment they weren't expecting, to not click or respond.


Invest in a VPN


Another way to protect your company and employees' data is to invest in a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network. When you set up a VPN, your employees will log in through that portal, and now all of their internet traffic will be through encryption. That encrypted tunnel means no one else can see your data, including hackers and your ISP. So when your employees are connecting through their at-home internet, business data is protected.


Keep Your Technology Updated


Cybersecurity is an industry that changes fast. A company's technology becomes outdated, and the current internet security requirements aren't compatible. Lead by example by completing system updates right away. Review software and hardware regularly to ensure your tech is consistent with the most up-to-date internet security requirements.


Encourage Strong Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication


Another way you can lead by example and encourage your team to stay protected is to use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. Yes, it can be hard to remember many unique passwords, but the number one way data is compromised is through hackers breaking codes for passwords. Creating strong passwords and using multi-factor authentication whenever available will add a layer of protection.


Ready to hire for your remote team? Get in touch with itec group!


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Is a Project manager position in the cards for you? Becoming a project manager involves not only your skills and background but also personality traits and soft skills that allow you to handle the role day-to-day. To succeed as a project manager, what qualities do you need to bring to the table?


Leadership Skills


Not all managers are great leaders, but your leadership skills can be learned and improved with time. Leadership skills include motivating a team, delegating tasks based on the strengths and abilities of the employees, and solving problems when they arise. Leaders must also see the big picture and determine the proper steps to get there.


Decision Making


A project manager should also have good decision-making skills. Throughout a project, multiple crossroads will lead in different directions. Based on the project's goals, you'll need to assess what should happen next and make clear decisions to move in the right direction.




For similar reasons, project managers must have good communication skills. Clear communication is essential for the success of any project. Without it, team members can make interpretations that might not be relevant to the project's outcome. Be transparent throughout the project and provide clear directions whenever possible.




A project manager needs to be trustworthy. You have a team, possibly in multiple locations, and they need to believe in the project from start to finish. That means they need to trust the project manager and understand the vision of the outcome as they work on their parts of the project.




Organizational skills are essential with so many moving parts in any given project. Not only do you have to organize the specific aspects of the project, but you'll need to be on top of time management. Using calendars and planning applications to stay on track will be critical.


If you're searching for qualified project managers to help lead your team, let itec group lend you a hand!

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Upskilling is a popular trend right now. It may be the most effective solution for The Great Resignation. To upskill your team is to provide training to tap into their potential and learn new skills and technology that will benefit your organization and every employee. Forming a culture based on learning and professional development leads to higher employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Here is what you need to know.


Improved Retention Rates


Many people who leave jobs are looking for advancement that isn't currently available in their position. Offering upskilling will keep your employees engaged, and as a result, they may not look elsewhere for those opportunities. Be sure to increase salary when you offer changes in positions due to learning new skills.


Enhanced Company Culture


When you are a company with a reputation for investing in your employee's training and development, you will be able to attract more talent. This enhanced company culture will suit your recruitment process and overall employee satisfaction.


More Flexible Workforce


When your team has increased knowledge and skills, they offer a more fluid approach to your work. They can collaborate and solve more problems as they understand different aspects of the work. By knowing more and being able to do various tasks, you also decrease employee boredom and improve motivation.


Continued Learning and Development


The world is constantly changing and evolving. When you provide additional training and development for your team members, you have the means within your organization to stay up to date on the latest skills and technology.


If you need to hire this year, turn to itec group!

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Are you considering shifting your career path to something more hands-on? Becoming an electrician can be a rewarding and lucrative career. If you've ever wondered what it was like to enter the world of electrical work, here is a quick overview of the job, what to expect, and what you need to get started.


Growing Field


Electricians are in demand. The current demographics of many professional electricians are nearing retirement age, and there aren't enough new electricians to replace them. That means there will always be opportunities if you enter the industry.


No College Degree Needed


Your network may be pushing you toward college, but maybe college isn't for you. It's okay to know that you aren't interested in higher education. There are jobs available that don't require a university degree to succeed. Becoming an electrician does not require college.




No two jobs are the same. When you're an electrician, you have much control over the type of work you do, and the field is varied. Electricians are needed everywhere, so you can move to any place you want to live. You can work as a contractor or for an employer. You can do electrical work for residential homes or corporate environments. And there are several specializations you can concentrate on in your career.


Competitive Opportunities


There are a lot of growth opportunities for electricians. Becoming an electrician begins as an apprentice and moves to a journeyman, where you'll be able to work independently. From there, you can become a master electrician. As a master electrician, you can manage a team or own a business. The salary for electricians is comfortable. The average salary is around $50,000 annually, with some professionals earning $75,000 and up, depending on skill set and location.


If you're ready to put your desk job behind you, get in touch with itec group!

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Not all candidates are the same. You may find yourself struggling when you try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Not everyone will be a great fit, and that's okay. So, how do you know you're making the right decision? Here are six common red flags to watch out for in the hiring process.


Speaks Poorly About Previous Employers


Asking candidates about their current or most recent job is not uncommon. This can include details about their managers and working environment. This can be a concern if they volunteer negative feedback about their experience. It could point to a more significant problem with negativity or their inclination to have a similar experience in your organization.


Doesn't Share Similar Values


It's okay to hire people who share values with your company culture. A highly artistic and creative person isn't likely to thrive in an organization based on a lot of procedures, for example.


Not Prepared for the Interview


Job seekers need a certain level of preparedness ahead of an interview. If your candidate isn't aware of what the company does or the information from the job description, they may not be putting enough effort into getting the job.


Resume Seems Inconsistent


Did you notice some inconsistencies in their resume compared to their answers to your questions? Sometimes there are simple oversights, such as dates that are off by only a tiny amount. But other times, more significant red flags could indicate dishonesty in their resume.


Unable to Provide References


When you're ready to make an offer, job seekers should be prepared with references. If someone cannot produce a qualified reference list, that can spell bad news. Furthermore, Candidates should have spoken to professional references before submitting the list to you, so the people you call aren't caught off guard.


Doesn't Show Up on Time


Bigger than a simple pet peeve, not showing up to the interview on time can show a larger pattern. There may be exceptions if the person contacts you on their drive to let you know they've run into trouble or gotten lost, but pay attention to this behavior. It could grow into something that would be a red flag.


If you're struggling to find the all-star your company needs, turn to itec group!

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Attitudes around work and job satisfaction have changed tremendously over the last few years. Many have realized that their old jobs weren't something they wanted to do forever, and some are turning to new opportunities. Job satisfaction is becoming a top priority for many professionals. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when thinking about your current role or deciding to move on.


Do You Feel Valued by Management?


If you feel like your management team does not value your position, it's worth thinking about how you fit in with your organization or if there is an alternative. Every employee should feel valued because otherwise, it feels more like a less than voluntary arrangement.


What would you need to feel valued in your work?


Do You Like Your Coworkers?


It's critical that you also get along with your team. You spend more time in the office with your coworkers than at home. Adversarial relationships can't be sustained. You don't have to be best friends with everyone on your team, but you should feel comfortable and happy when working with them.


What personality traits do you admire and look for in coworkers?


Do you Find Meaning in Your Job?


Why did you take this job initially? What meaning do you ascribe to the work you do? You deserve to feel fulfilled by your work, and if you don't, it's okay to make a change. What do you want to do, and does this job help you reach your long-term goals?


How do you evaluate a career opportunity to determine meaning?


Is There a Healthy Company Culture?


Lastly, you want to know if your company has a healthy culture. Does it practice diversity, inclusion, and equity? Does it provide for growth and opportunity for long-term development? Do you feel safe and secure in your position?


What kind of workplace environment is ideal?


If you think you may be ready to start job searching, start your search with itec group!


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