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Engineering Industry Job Outlook 2022

2022 is already here. After a difficult two years, we're all looking forward to the future. Here are the things we're predicting in the engineering field and the job outlook. The industry as a whole is expected to grow 4% before 2029, but some areas anticipate faster growth, with industrial engineering at a surprising 10% jump. 95,000 engineers were predicted to retire across Canada in the last two years, though the pandemic affected that number. What does all of this mean for Canadian employers looking to build their team of rockstars? Here are some ideas to get you started.


Update Your Job Offer


With all the lessons we've learned around COVID-19 and The Great Resignation, companies need to adjust their job offers to attract top candidates at all levels. You need to know what the talent pool wants most in a job, and while salary and benefits are essential, there are plenty of other things on which to focus. Make sure you're competitive but offering what job seekers want.


Use Employee Referral Programs


Up to 40% of new hires come from employee referrals. On top of that, those employees are more likely to stay with your company for four or more years. Employee referral programs work when you tie the process into the success of the new hire. Employees want to maintain their reputation and increase their employer trust by making great recommendations.


Hone Interviewing Techniques


Interviewing is as much an art as it is a science. To drill down to find top talent when you're in the hiring process, you need to create an effective interview strategy. Not only do you have to make sure your hiring is fair and compliant, but you also need to ask the right questions. To increase your effectiveness, use a checklist for each candidate, so you compare all of the same criteria before making a decision.


Improve Employer Brand


Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer. It encompasses things like your social media presence, your candidate experience, and your employee brand ambassadors. Just like most of us don't make a purchasing decision without checking reviews, candidates will evaluate all aspects of your employer brand before deciding if they want to pursue an opportunity with your company. By improving your brand, you can attract top Canadian talent to your company.


Partner with a Recruitment Firm


If you need to build your team of engineering rockstars in 2022, the first step can be as simple as connecting with a recruitment firm. By partnering with itec group, we can help you source, interview, hire, and onboard excellent engineering talent in your open positions.


Contact itec group to learn more today!


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Going back to school for a master’s degree is an excellent idea for many people, but it’s essential to evaluate all your motivations and options. If you’re considering furthering your engineering education, make sure you return to school for the right reasons. Here are the top three questions you should be able to answer before enrolling.


Do I Need a Master’s Degree for My Future Work?


Before investing in another degree, the first step should be assessing your future goals. Can you accomplish the things you want to do in your career without a master’s degree? Will you have assistance from a current employer to help you through more school? Or maybe you’ve reached a dead-end in your career and need to take it to the next level to reach the next stage of personal and professional development. There’s no wrong answer, but it’s crucial that you assess this ahead of enrollment.


Do I Have Time to Dedicate to My Studies?


There are a lot of kinds of master’s degree programs, including remote classes or evening classes that will work with a full-time career. But your job isn’t your only consideration. How will going back to school affect your family life? How will it impact your free time and the things you do that bring you joy? Class time is only part of the equation. Additional studying or homework will also be necessary outside of your schedule.


Will There Be Enough Return on My Investment? 


You also have to look at how this decision will impact you financially. Are you able to get fellowships, scholarships, or tuition reimbursement? Or will you need to pay for it yourself or with the use of student loans? You have to look at the realistic earning potential upon graduation. Will the kinds of jobs you can qualify for offer enough money to not only pay for your school but also your living expenses moving forward?

Pursue Your Career with itec


If now isn’t the right time to go back to school, you may want to consider advancing your career in other ways. Applying with itec can give you access to more opportunities.


If you’re ready to pursue your career at this time, start your job search with us.


Contact itec group Recruitment Solutions.

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Why you are Struggling to Recruit Engineers

Recruiting top engineering talent isn’t easy. Especially today, in the wake of The Great Resignation affecting employers all across Canada, it’s a competitive talent pool for high-paying positions and essential roles. Why is it so hard to find engineers in this employment climate? Here are a few of the reasons the challenge will continue in 2022.


Competitive Market for Engineering Talent


It’s not surprising to learn that engineers are in demand. Often, they are the quintessential passive job candidate. They don’t need to look for their next opportunity because recruiters seek them out. To find top talent in engineering, you have to think strategically. Reactionary hiring, which means starting the process when you have a vacant spot, might be too late to hire top talent.


Too Big a Focus on Salary


While having the right salary package is essential, it shouldn’t be the sole focus of your engineering hiring plan. Engineers make a specific salary range across Canada, so making that the keystone of your strategy won’t be the deciding factor. Instead, take a closer look at the other things that set your business apart and emphasize those. You can also be sure to point out specific additional benefits.


Job Descriptions are Too Specific


One big trap employers fall into is getting far too specific about the qualifications needed for the job. Engineers are highly trained and qualified employees, but listing out very specific experience, including certifications and years of experience, may mean losing out on high-quality talent. By dialing back your expectations, you can tap into the right talent pool for your job.


The Great Resignation 


Affecting employers worldwide, The Great Resignation is leading to a shortage of professional-level employees who have decided now is the right time to make a significant life change. The Great Resignation is being led by tech and healthcare workers, but it’s impacting all kinds of positions, including engineering. Focusing on retention can be the first step to avoiding an exodus.


Work With itec


It’s also true that companies who don’t work with recruitment agencies are also at a disadvantage in the marketplace. As we noted above, many engineers never even enter the active job market. Having a recruiter on your side can help you tap into the hidden talent pool without relying on job advertising to find your next engineer.


If you can’t find top engineering talent, get in touch with us today.


Contact itec group Recruitment Solutions. Our Talent is Finding Yours.

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Are you an experienced engineer looking to make your next career move? Engineering is a highly competitive career, so it's vital that you put your best foot forward to impress possible employers. They're looking for top-quality talent interested in a long-term career. Here are five skills recruiters are looking for in senior engineers as determined by ZipRecruiter's review of job descriptions and resumes.


Computer Science


We are living in the age of increased digitization. Many aspects of engineering are touched by experience with the wide range of skills encompassed by computer science. But knowledge of computers, understanding their role in the industry, and a comfort level in learning something new will attract employers.




Employers are also looking for engineers who understand the hardware involved in their job. They want to know that you are familiar and comfortable with the tools of the trade. Providing hardware information on your resume will help employers see that you have one of the top skills they're seeing and increase your chances of contact.


Software Development


Similarly, employers want their senior engineer candidates to understand software development. While there are many different development languages to know, it seems as though the top requests are for Java, Linux, and SQL. Having knowledge and background of these skills can increase your chances of landing a job offer.




It is no surprise to learn that compliance remains one of the top five skills for employers. Everything about engineering is a matter of regulation, so they want to know the person they've hired is committed to compliance and can ensure that any work they turn out is consistent with the requirements not only of the company but any regulating body.

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical engineering is a broad category, but companies are looking for people with these skills. It's the process by which anything is designed and manufactured that consumers will physically use, and it touches nearly every industry. While you may see mechanical engineering in job postings, it can relate to anything from automotive to health to computer-aided design.


Start your job search with us.


Contact itec group Recruitment Solutions.

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What is a CQE & Why Should I Become One?

Have you thought about starting a career as a certified quality engineer? The role means you understand service and product quality evaluation and control. A professional is referred to as a CQE, and it requires that you take and pass the Quality Engineering Certification. What are the reasons you should become certified, and how can it help you advance your career? Let’s take a closer look.


Development and Operations of QC Systems


CQEs should know how to develop quality control systems at all levels and understand the daily operations. Getting certified as a CQE lets potential employers know that you’ve mastered this information and will be able to bring it to the table for their company.


Testing and Inspection Procedure Evaluation


A significant portion of quality control is testing and inspection. Knowing the procedure and being able to direct others to perform these tests will be essential to a successful career as a CQE. With the certification, you can demonstrate that you know these evaluation tools and can be recognized as an expert.


Metrology and Statistical Method


Metrology is the science of measurement. It is defined by the International Bureau of Weights, founded in France, and measures and embraces both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level and any field. CQEs need to demonstrate an understanding as well as the statistical method for calculating related information.


Quality Cost Concepts


CQEs also need to understand quality cost concepts. These are the costs associated with the prevention, detection, and remediation of quality issues in manufacturing. The specific calculations of costs will depend on several factors, so an expert must ensure companies are not hemorrhaging money.


Human Behavior


Finally, CQEs will actually know quite a bit about human behavior and how it affects product quality. It’s a little bit of psychology that allows professionals to understand the human factor in mistakes and give teams the tools they need to succeed. The certification will let potential employers know you have this skill.


Do you think a career as a Certified Quality Engineer is your next step?


Contact itec group Recruitment Solutions, where our vision and purpose are to deliver our candidates ultimate employment experience.


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